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Whether they are planned or unexpected, the need to liquidate your assets can arise at any time. With DhanLAP you can navigate financial uncertainties by availing same-day loans without redeeming your investments. With our completely digital securities-based loan solution you have the option to pledge your investments - mutual funds, gold, stocks, insurance - to borrow money while keeping your long-tern wealth plan and investment portfolio intact.

End-to-End Digital Processing
Easy, Seamless, and Fast Loan Disbursement
Safeguards Long-Term Wealth Plan
Interest-Only Payment Option Available
Enables Investment Growth
Prepay Loan Anytime
Direct to Bank Deposit
Safe, Secure, Mutilevel Authentication

Loan Against Mutual Funds

Don't sell your savings, borrow against your mutual fund investments at attractive rates.


Loan Against Stocks

Capitalize your existing stocks to meet short-to-mid term funding requirements.


Loan Against Insurance

Need cash? We’ll provide you with an easy loan against your insurance policy.

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Loan Against Gold

We offer you a seamless way to access immediate funds without selling your precious commodity.

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Meet short-term liquidity need
Get your loan fully processed in just under 15 mins.

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Safe and Secure, Hassle-Free,
Instant Loan

Borrowing with DhanLAP is simple and easy. Our end-to-end digital loan processing ensures quick, paperless loan application and disbursement within the same day.

Direct to Bank Transfer

Apply and get funds directly to any of your bank acount from the comfort of your home.

Interest-Only Repayment

Chooose the tenure and pay only the interest and repay the loan anytime with balloon repayments.

Retain Fund Growth

Pledging your investments ensures that your savings grow, and your wealth plan remains intact even while you borrow.

Choose the smartest mutual funds loan
With the Overdraft facility pay interest only for the amount that you withdraw from your total loan.

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Founded by a team with over 100-man years of experience in building digital financial investment and loan solutions, we understand the common difficulties faced by investors when it comes to utilising their investments in case of an emergency.

We have made the entire process simple and hassle-free so that you can get the amount deposited in your account within 15 minutes safely.

Lienmark your investments and pledge your assets as collateral to avail the loan.

Lien is the right given to the lender to hold a part or the whole of your units as security for a loan.

With Dhanlap the entire process is smooth, seamless and quick.

We’ve partnered with leading banks and NBFCs to ensure you have quick and easy access to funds whenever the need arises. Our safe and secure digital platform has been built to help you avail a hassle-free, quick loan anytime, anywhere.

We offer the best interest-rate in the industry. Rest assured.

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Great Service, quick dibursement.

-Rahul Krishna

Ease of Use. Quick turnaround time. Satisfied

-Gaurav P

Nice Website for mutual fund loans. Happy with service.

-Nikhil S

Had some issues initially but the support staff walked me through the complete process

-Ganesh K

Received funds quickly. Received prompt help from Dhanlap team.

-Geetha S


DhanLAP for Advisors

Reduce customer attrition rate with our fast and convenient loan against mutual funds.

Retaining your AUM can be challenge with growing number of customers prematurely redeeming their mutual funds. With DhanLAP’s LAMF solution you can give your customers the option to borrow money by pledging their mutual fund units.

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Get Money When You Need it with DhanLAP.

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Our vision is to provide customers with the most efficient way of managing their assets to get more out of it.
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