Increase client retention with our quick and easy Loan against Mutual Funds

Looking to keep your clients happy and loyal?
Our quick and easy loan against mutual funds feature could be just the solution you're looking for!

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AUM & Trail Fee

Retain your AUM and trail fees.

Emergency Funds

Increase your AUM by investing your clients' emergency funds in equity schemes.


Earn commissions every time your client takes a loan with DhanLAP.

Benefits for your Clients

Get a loan within 15 minutes - end-to-end digital.
Clients Mutual Fund Investments remain intact & continue to grow.
Overdraft facility available.
Pay interest only for the withdrawn amount.
No restrictions on AMCs, schemes, or bank accounts.
Low Interest Rates.
Our vision is to provide customers with the most efficient way of managing their assets to get more out of it.
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